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Noodle Education
The right search for the right school, tutor, and everything educational, from the founders of The Princeton Review.
What we do
Noodle Education is devoted to creating individualized search and solutions platforms that connect people with educational opportunity of all sorts and offering the best private tutoring available. We list both accredited and non-accredited education providers who subscribe to our Consumer Code of Conduct, and supply the tools and information for you to make the best educational choices.

Noodle brings together everything you need to make first-rate educational decisions. No more rambling web searches that require you to reenter personal information. Regardless of your educational needs, Noodle will save you time and effort in finding the schools, colleges, tutors, and classes that are right for you.
This project is predominantly geared towards photo selection and copy creation (creating the photo is not necessary - Simply locate a great photo from any available resource). Although the execution of these ads is not a part of this particular project, it is recommended that contributors understand that the ads may ultimately be produced in numerous forms and as such, the photography and copy selections should be flexible enough to accommodate this requirement.

We’re looking for some really great photographs and associated captions that only "insiders" of a particular educational sector may know or be interested in, and to translate those facts and photos into an effective collection of advertisements for Noodle education.

Please view the included example Noodle Ads [noodle_ads_examples.pdf]. These examples are designed to fit the desired format and template for this project, which all submissions should adhere to.

The Ad submissions MUST include:

1. A photograph, which is the emotional focus of the Ad. The photograph can be humorous, intriguing, thought provoking, ironic, anecdotal, or controversial. The photograph submission MUST include the necessary information for Noodle to acquire the rights for the use of the photograph.

- Private collection: Price
- Rights-managed photo: Company name, photo ID number, and a link to pricing information
- Royalty-Free photo: Company name, photo ID number, and a link to pricing information

2. The caption (statistic or factoid), which should illuminate the meaning of the photograph in a clever and clear manner.

3. The tagline…. Find the right “x” (see example Ads)
Tech Specs
Some example sizes might include:

8.5x11 (print)
300x250 (Medium Rectangle)
180x150 (Rectangle)
728x90 (Leaderboard)
160x600 (Wide Skyscraper)

The above sizes are only examples. This contest does NOT require the submissions of finished Ads, but rather just the photograph, caption, and tagline.
Design Goals
1. The ads should engage the viewer and entice them to seek out more information about Noodle’s services. They should give an impression of the range of information available with Noodle, yet promote that fact that Noodle will find specific solutions targeted to an individual interest or need. Noodle will find YOUR educational needs, no matter how diverse, mainstream, eclectic, zany, etc.

2. These ads will most likely be a person’s first introduction to Noodle, and should therefore be engaging and provocative enough to prompt curiosity and interest in Noodle’s services.

3. Each ad will represent a specific and targeted educational solution. The collection of all of the ads will represent the breadth and depth of the solutions offered by the Noodle experience. The objective of the Noodle ad campaign is to reach the widest possible audience and introduce them to the broad array of information, tools, and educational resources available through the Noodle website.
Target Audience
The Noodle target audience is anyone currently in need of an educational resource, institution or school, from deciding which graduate school is best for them, searching for the perfect yoga class, or selecting a tutor to prepare for the SAT.

Although many of the examples provided [noodle_ads_examples.pdf] are targeted at users seeking to find the right colleges, individual Ads should target numerous additional audiences, such as those looking for after-school sports, kindergartens, tutors, music lessons, summer camps, yoga classes, or Test Prep programs. Any other ideas are encouraged.
What makes us unique (USP)
Noodle identifies educational solutions that are targeted to a specific individual’s need, and connects them with those solutions in a social, seamless, and more integrated experience than is currently available in the education search space.
Message to communicate
Our USP.
Feelings to communicate
It is the relationship between the photograph and the caption in each individual Ad that must engage the viewer to know more – to realize that Noodle can provide them with a custom, targeted solution for their educational needs, regardless of how obscure (or mainstream) those needs may be.
Customer Motivation
Colors I like
not applicable
Colors to avoid
not applicable
The original “Think Different” Apple Ads as well as the “Just Do It’ Mike campaign, both for their simplicity of form yet the powerful and visceral emotional responses they command.
View a sample of our current photo & caption ideas
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Aug 17, 2010
Aug 24, 2010
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