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NBC KHNL Hawaii Sunrise Show loves Prova

NBC Hawaii (KHNL) Sunrise Show

Grace Lee, lead anchor for the Sunrise Show in Hawaii (NBC KHNL), talks with Renee Uehara (Business Solutions Specialst, USPS), on the United States Post Office & their design contest with Prova. [Original Story]

Grace Lee (NBC Hawaii KHNL)

The San Diego Union Tribune loves Prova

San Diego Union Tribune

Ad agency 'harnesses power of crowds'

Need an attention-grabbing logo, sign or radio ad for your small business? Can’t afford a full-service ad agency? Not sure how to go about finding a freelance designer?

If you have a general idea of what you want, a “crowdsourcing” start-up based in San Diego may have the answer.... [Full Story]

Tanya Mannes (San Diego Union Tribune)

Search Engine Journal Loves Prova

Search Engine Journal : Crowdsourcing for Banner Designs

Banner advertising has a dual purpose: getting your brand out there, and boosting ROI. The main reason many advertising campaigns fail is related to design – poor design that is. DIY strategies for economy work only for those who are already designers, especially if they are experienced enough to make a market audit, to understand what their targeted audiences like to see, and what they react to.

There is a very important aspect that cannot be overlooked – banner advertising, when done right, targets the short term revenue and the long term brand placement. Consumers might not have an immediate need to purchase a product, but ... [Full Story]

Mihaela Lica (Search Engine Journal)

The Next Web Shows Prova Love

The Next Web wants to change the face of crowdsourced design.

While other sites focus solely on design, or solely on advertising placement, Prova has the guts to attempt to do both, plus more. That said, let’s take a deeper look at Prova and how what they’re doing makes them different.

It’s the extra features that really set Prova apart. A design, for instance, can get feedback from its target market, then be voted up or down for popularity. When you add this sort of social strategy to a crowdsourced product, it simply makes things more effective ... [Full Story]

Brad McCarty (The Next Web)

Prova is a KillerStartup

KillerStartups - Crowdsourcing Creative Designs is a platform whereby you can start design advertisement contests and have professionals from all over the world competing in order to devise the ultimate campaign for you. The way the site works couldn’t be less complicated, as you are requested to specify only two things: what you need to be done, and how much you are willing to pay for it. Upon having submitted that information, the contest will be displayed on the site for everybody to take notice and (hopefully for you) act upon it. The deadline is ... [Full Story]

Roger H (KillerStartups)


Honolulu Advertiser

Prova taps graphic talent online

Honolulu entrepreneur David Gash created a graphic design/advertising business that taps the Web and social networking to solicit a variety of designs for clients at an affordable price.

Gash, 29, explains the process this way: A business tells his company what design it wants for a logo, Web site or other project. Prova solicits designs; and the business pays one set price and picks the design — from an average of 30 that usually come in — that best suits the client.

Then Gash moved to San Diego to run it, although he's still working with clients here and trying to get back to the Islands at least once a month... [Full Story]

Robbie Dingeman (Honolulu Advertiser)


Young Upstarts

Prova Crowdsources Advertising Designs For Small Business Owners

Crowdsourcing must be big. We’ve seen crowdsourcing for everything ranging from article writing to T-shirt design, and even designs for greeting cards and sales leads.

David Gash, the CEO of San Diego-based advertising design agency Prova Advertising, is also a big fan of crowdsourcing. In fact, he’s such a fan he’s built Prova’s business model around community-sourced advertising design contributions.

Prova lets a business owner submit a brief, set a price they're willing to pay, and track over 30 designs crowdsourced from freelance designers as they are created, and only pay for the design they want.... [Full Story]

Daniel Goh (Young Upstarts)


iMedia Connection

Getting Small Businesses the Creative They Want

Marketing small businesses has always been a challenge. Small business owners often don’t know much about marketing, want it to go away and have parochial tastes. They frequently change their minds. And most want world-class creative and account service for $1.98.

Agencies have reluctantly approached and serviced this market segment that can often yield remarkable creative latitude sometimes offset by mercurial client behavior. David Gash wants to own this market with his crowd sourced service called Prova... [Full Story]

Daniel Flamberg (iMedia Connection)


A Must-Try for All Business Owners With a Tight Advertising Budget and No Time

If you are short on time, cash, and have little knowledge of graphic designs, there is a new business solution that can help. It is free to use - you only pay for an ad you want, and you get to compare actual work for your specific project from multiple designers. In a nutshell, I liken Prova to holding a job fair for graphics designers. Instead of applicants showing up to strut their resumes, designers submit their actual work for you to review... [Full Story]

Lahle Wolfe (


VanSEO Design

You know you have a great product that people will love. Now if you only had a banner ad to attract people to your site. Maybe it’s your logo that needs an update so it speaks more to your market. Perhaps you’re all set online, but when someone asks for your business card you sheepishly admit you don’t have one.

If any of the above fits you then I have good news. is offering a free custom design... [Full Story]

Steven Bradley (VanSEO Design)