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Prova is excited to offer our affiliate partners a way to promote our innovative small business design services and earn commissions for the referrals. We're happy to let our partners help us offer professional designs to the millions of small business owners that cannot currently justify the cost of hiring an advertising agency and are missing out on the increase in customers from effective advertising designs.

Our affiliate program currently offers a $50 bounty for every referred user who runs a design contest. The prize amount of the contest doesn't matter, but it must complete successfully before the bounty is awarded.  Our affiliate program is only open to select candidates, so please fill out an application & let us know why you're qualified.  Be a part of what Prova can do for small businesses.

We'll provide you with all the tools you'll need to set up the Prova affiliate links on your web site.  It's easy to join and FREE to participate. If you have additional questions, read through our FAQs, or contact us.


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