Logo design advertising contest for Hawai`i Green Collar Institute

Logo needed for new program  

Logo for new educational program on green careers

Advertisement Type
Brand Name
Hawai`i Green Collar Institute
What we do
We educate people about environmental issues and “green” jobs that address them.
We are seeking a crisp logo that can be used in print and on websites and videos. The logo must reproduce well in small and large formats. We are open to the concept of a design that does not include the brand name if the name looks good placed on the side or below. However, we also are open to making full use of the brand name. Please include the diacritical mark (`) in Hawai`i.
Tech Specs
Design Goals
We want people to inquire about us (online) and to participate in our activities.
Target Audience
Our target audience is between ages 16-25 residing in Hawai`i. We especially wish to attract people of native Hawaiian ancestry.
What makes us unique (USP)
We are a partnership between schools, non-profit organizations and businesses that values education as a tool to proactively solve complex problems. We emphasize hands-on experience.
Message to communicate
We’re launching a new program. If you’re concerned about the health of our environment and also want to find a good fulfilling career, join us.
Feelings to communicate
Connection to place (Hawai’i), future-oriented, optimism, urgency, inspiration, fun
Customer Motivation
Jobs. Environment. Hawaiian Culture.
Colors I like
Connected to Earth. Green, blue, dark brown
Colors to avoid
Red, yellow, orange, pink, gray
Clean/crisp look, organic, bold, simple yet eye-catching. Looks good in color as well as black and white.
Fancy or block-like fonts, too many colors, mechanical or technological look
Start Date
Jun 26, 2010
Jul 17, 2010
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