Joomla Latest Article Redirector

This simple component will create a link in any of your menus that will load your most recent article.  You can set a link titled 'Latest Article' & never worry about it.  Every time you publish a new article, this link will show it.

This plugin is easy to install & configure, & makes it easy for your visitors to read your latest articles.

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At the top of this page, hover over 'Advertising Tools' then click 'Latest Article.'  You'll be instantly redirectred to our latest article.


Install in your Joomla 1.5 administrator page, Extensions -> Install/Uninstall. Click the 'Browse' button, locate the .zip file on your hard drive then click 'Upload & Install.'


In Joomla 1.5, visit 'Menus' & click on the menu you want to add the link to.
Click the New button in the top right
Click 'Prova Latest Article Redirector'
Click 'Prova Latest Article Redirector Default Layout'Fill in 'Title' & set any other parameters & you're done



Visit our Business Tools Forum for any questions or to report any bugs or feature requests.



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