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Historical Gold and silver mine

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print>DVD Packages
Brand Name
Mary Murphy Mine, Colorado
documentary, intrigue
Historical Gold and silver mine
What we do
educational, history, one of a kind video footage
cover for a dvd the Mary Murphy Mine (over one hundred years old) is one of Colorado's most famous Mines, this video explores some of the 40 miles of underground tunnels and workings as never seem before. Nerrarated by a renound Colorado miner who has spent years on site exploring gold and silver deposits. Here are some photos that can be used img_3299 (5.12MB). It would look better rendered in Sepia tone to make it look older and to minimize the yellow and orange of the base player. mm400 (1.8MB) & mm500 (89k) & 100_0557.zip (15MB) & 100_1153.zip (13MB)
Tech Specs
dvd cover front and back i have photos that can be used or an graphic illustration can be used
Design Goals
Eye catching, with intrigue of gold and ghost towns
Target Audience
retail buyer, interested in history, gold prospecting and looking at footage of this historical mine that is not open to the public
What makes us unique (USP)
exclusive footage produced in conjunction with the owner of the mine.
Message to communicate
a mine is a terrible thing to waste :)
Feelings to communicate
dreams of riches, curiosity, i want to buy this to learn more
Customer Motivation
interesting, curiosity
Colors I like
Colors to avoid
simple but expressive to above ideas
not too busy
Start Date
Apr 8, 2010
May 31, 2010
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