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TOPIC: Q and A
Q and A 11 Months, 4 Weeks ago Karma: 0

I am new to Prova, and am excited to get involved with the contests, but I have a few questions before I begin...

1) What file formats are required for submission? How does the file transfer work if the client needs a specific file format? (ie. .ai, .eps, .psd, etc.)

2) When submitting art work, do you want us designers to only submit the work that was asked for, or is it okay to fully present them with backgrounds that are not a part of the actual design being sold.

3) Is there a section or portfolio or place for everyone to see the winning designs?
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Re: Q and A 11 Months, 3 Weeks ago Karma: 4
Hi Unit3,

Thanks for your questions & welcome to Prova. We hope to make this a great community for designers like you. On to the answers:

1) Currently the following file formats are allowed: .jpg, .psd, .gif, .png, .zip, .mp3, .avi, & .flv. The required format depends on what type of design is needed (print, radio ad, video...). We'll be changing a lot over the next few months to make everything easier. Soon, we intend to have file requirements set by the contest holder (If a client wants only .psd, then that's all that will be allowed, & specified). For print, stick with .psd for now.

2) I would stick with whatever the client asks for. At Prova, designers are selling their skill. We don't want designers adding on "packages" or other conditions that limit the client, or make their design appear better than a designer that can't offer printing.

3) After a contest ends, the winning design will be listed first & clearly marked as the winning design. Our first contest, which appears on the homepage as "closed." Did have this design. However, between the time that contest ended & when we implemented a LOT of new changes, it had been reversed (for testing). We have been focusing our efforts on current problems & new suggestions, which has prevented us from putting that back. I am sorry for the confusion. We will correct that after we attend to matters that are more important for our designers.

Thank you for your questions. And as always, if you have any answers or suggestions that would be better for designers, please let us know.

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