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USPS-Hawaii Seeks New 'Aloha from Hawaii' Logo  

The Post Office seeks a Large Flat Rate Box logo design

Advertisement Type
Brand Name
United States Postal Service
Season's Greetings from Hawaii
United States Postal Service
What we do
We deliver and facilitate the delivery of packages worldwide
We are seeking submissions for a new "Aloha from Hawaii" logo design to be printed on our Hawaii Priority Mail Large Flat Rate Boxes. The current logo has been in use since June 2009 and we are looking for a new logo that will refresh the image that we carry in 2011. The logo should include the words "Aloha from Hawaii". The logo should show an image of Hawaii that is recognizable to a worldwide audience. Our current logo is very successful because of the worldwide recognition of Diamond Head. It is important this logo contain elements unique to Hawaii yet recognizable to local residents, island visitors and the general US population.
Tech Specs
Here are some guidelines for the logo creation. Winning logo will be required to meet government specifications.
*Keep in mind the logo will be printed in two colors max: PMS 485 Red and 294 Blue.
*Finished logo must be provided in EPS or Illustrator and a PDF
*The logo must be no higher than 1.5” or wider than 4.5” (same size of the Priority Mail logo on the large flat rate box). Please maximize use of these dimensions as much as possible.
*Designer must ensure there are no trademark or copyright infringements.
*Submission of the design grants USPS all rights to usage.
Design Goals
We want to create interest and demand for the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate box; the logo would inspire customers to choose the Large Flat Rate Box for shipping.
Target Audience
USPS Hawaii residents, Hawaii companies that ship locally made Hawaiian products, and recipients (primarily on the mainland) who receive the box with goods from Hawaii.
What makes us unique (USP)
Message to communicate
The winning logos will be chosen for their broad appeal to our island residents, our local businesses and the worldwide recipients of Flat Rate Boxes. The winning logo will also be one that passes the requirements of our Brand management legal team in Headquarters.
Feelings to communicate
Customer Motivation
Colors I like
PMS 485 Red and 294 Blue only! (#D81E05 & #003F87)
Colors to avoid
All colors other than PMS 485 Red and 294 Blue.
Current logo we use on our Large Flat Rate Boxes in Hawaii
Current logo as it appears on the side of our our Large Flat Rate Boxes in Hawaii
Start Date
Jul 31, 2010
Sep 28, 2010
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