Noodle launches $10,000 contest with up to 100 winners
Tuesday, 17 August 2010 17:19

Noodle, a site dedicated to helping students find the perfect fit for a college (and all sorts of other classes like kindergarten, yoga, summer,...) is offering up to $10,000 to the creative minds of to help create their ad campaign.  All they need is a clever photo & a matching caption.  You do NOT need to take any photos yourself.  Simply find one on the internet, in your photo files, a friends' camera, or any resource that allows you to use their photo.  Then add a clever caption & upload it. 

Every winning design will be paid $100, & up to 100 winning entries will be chosen.  The only requirement, is each photo must have the ability to purchase rights for reuse by Noodle.  Noodle will pay for those rights, so you'll pocket the full $100.  Get started adding photos & tell your creative friends about this contest.  Here's an example of one of their designs.  They have several more examples on Noodle's ad design contest page.

Noodle offer $10,000 for creative ads

Start browsing istockphoto, getty images, & other online photo resources & upload their comp images along with your caption for your chance at as many $100 prizes as you want.  Visit Noodle's project page for full details & more examples.

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