Grand Opening

Welcome to Prova | Writeup. We're a brand new service helping you get your business a writeup in the media of your choice.

If you're a business owner & want someone to write about your company on their blog, in a magazine, newspaper, or other media format, simply fill out our form & submit your request to our listings.

If you have connections to any media channels or own a blog, we'll give you plenty of opportunities to get paid for your help. View our listings to see if you can help any businesses get a writeup in a blog, magazine, newspaper, or other avenue, & you'll get paid a nice bounty. That's pretty good for simply helping someone get connected. We've just launched, so post your listing, or register your blog now.


How will it benefit you?
As a business client, if you want several dozen bloggers to review your product & help your SEO (search engine rankings), you can request that here.
If you want to get a writeup in a local or national newspaper, magazine, or other media, but don't have the right connections, you can post your request here & let the connections come to you.
You control your costs.  You set how much you want to pay for each blog entry, or publication writeup.  You'll get to approve/reject each offer.

If you own a blog, you can earn money by writing about our interesting clients.  You'll provide valuable information to your readers & get paid in the process.
If you know anyone in the media industry & can help someone get a writeup in a major publication, you can get paid simply for making the connection that gets a writeup.
If you don't have any connections, you can share these writeup requests through twitter, facebook, or any other outlet & get paid part of each bounty you bring in.


How does it work?
If you're a business client who wants a writeup, "Request A Writeup" & fill out our quick & easy form.  Once your listing is posted, just wait for any offers to appear. 
If you're a blog author, browse our listings, find one that fits your blog, & submit a writeup
If you can help a client get a writeup in a printed media, tell them by submitting an offer.
Business clients will be notified about each offer & can approve each one individually.  If you approve it, pay for it, & you're done.