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How to launch an advertisement contest with Prova

1.Submit a design brief 2.Pick YOUR price 3.Review entries 4.Pick a winner


  • Save Time
    Instead of stressing over the creation of your own ads, you can focus on what you're good at
  • Save Money
    You pick your price, so you'll always stay on budget
  • Attract more customers
    You'll get a better quality advertisement created by expert designers that's sure to attract more customers
  • Stress free
    You're in control here.  Our designers will listen to you & create the best design for your need
  • Meet your deadline
    You decide when the contest ends & download the winning ad instantly.  No waiting around for a designer to send it to you
  • No risk
    You only pay if you get a design you like plus view all your options before committing
  • Best use of Ad budget
    Avoid the massive fees of a traditional ad agency & get a design that sells for you.  Use the extra cash to show your ad more often


Katie Carter
advertising quotes
advertising quotes
Creating an ad design contest with Prova really helped my retail business attract more customers. Thank you
-Katie Carter

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MWD | Featured Designer

MWD | Featured Advertising Designer I’ve been working in the print and publishing industry since early 2003, lending my design and typesetting expertise to an array of projects. Some of which include daily planners, books, business-to-business publications, magazines, directories, various marketing and advertising material, educational publications and corporate stationery. Always aiming to do more than just please a client!