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Creative business card design
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Summary Creative business card design
Deadline 10/28/2009
Pay $250
Advertisement Type Print > Business Cards
Brand Name ProvaSend a Private Message
Slogan Pick YOUR price
Industry Graphic Design
What we do Prova helps businesses get professional quality designs at the price THEY pick
Details We need a business card design, front & back.
Full bleed.
We want a SIMPLE business card where the front is very clean, crisp, & CREATIVE.

Info we want on front:

info we want on back:
Attract more customers with FREE postcards/business cards from

We want the graphics/colors to be the main focus & text to be somewhat hidden, or where it does not stand out.
Technical Details
Use Our Blank Template

Photoshop template

Goal We want people who look at our business card to realize they'll get the most creative & professional design if they use prova
Target Audience Business owners age 21 - 40. Mostly males.
Unique Selling Proposition YOU can pick YOUR price for a graphic/ad design, with
Message to communicate Pick YOUR price
Get an ad that attracts more customers
Feelings to communicate Creativity & Innovation
Customer motivation Use to attract more customers & stay within budget
Colors I like blues, lime green, yellow, white
Colors I don't like browns, reds, oranges, black, grey, drabby colors
Likes The colors currently at The shades of blue & lime. Maybe even the lime/happy face (IF it looks good & fits with the design).
Dislikes Not a lot of red
Start Date: 09/15/2009
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The Buzz

" Prova is a great solution to end my worst eLance nightmares! The contest concept is truly unique. "

- Lahle Wolfe